3 Hair Mistakes We All Make And How To Avoid Them

Everyone has made a mistake when it comes to their hair – having the temperature set too high on a straightener, bleaching without professional help, and trimming our fringes to save a little money. It’s common to make a mistake here and there, but there are three hair mistakes that are being overlooked and should be taken care of.

1. Preparation Is Key

We’ve all had those moments where we haven’t prepared our hair correctly, and it makes styling difficult or an upstyle begins to fall out sooner than it should. I Am Styled have prepared these tips that not only apply to your special event such as a formal or wedding day but also for your everyday life.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is using the wrong products on your hair. How do we know what’s good and bad when taking care of our hair?

There are many indicators that can help identify if the product isn’t right for you:
Greasy, flat hair

  • Washing your hair every day
  • Hair strands are sticking together
  • A wax-like film is beginning to develop over the top of your hair
  • Hair is lifeless and dull
  • Curls aren’t holding and drop very quickly
  • Heavy hair that feels as though you’re being weighed down

When we initially consult with clients, we always ask what products they’re using and how they feel about their hair.

9 out of 10 times we find out that they’re using the following products which should be avoided:

  • Head & Shoulders
  • Pantene
  • Dove
  • Anything that says hydrating, oil, coconut, and deep conditioning.

The above brands and as well as local store products include silicone. Being made from artificial ingredients and plastics, it coats the hair and weighs it down, making it near impossible to style anything but straight. Silicone also has the ability to choke the hair from breathing, and once you start to use products recommended for your hair you’ll immediately begin to see the difference.
Other ingredients that can be found in local supermarkets include:

  • Fragrances (Irritates the scalp)
  • Wax (Leaves a greasy coat of wax over the hair, leaving it flat and untamable)
  • Sulphates (will strip the hair of its natural oils and colour, leaving it dull, flat, dry and lifeless)

To solve the above hair issues and to finally have your hair feeling healthy and full of life, we suggest:

This will deeply cleanse and help remove oil and product build-up. Resulting in fresher, bouncier and fuller hair. 

Total Results Colour Obsessed Shampoo from Matrix. This product can be found easily at your local hairdresser.

2. Haircuts From Hell

We’ve all gone through a stage where we want a certain haircut, it gets cut and styled, and looks completely different to what we thought it would look like. Your hair type will determine if the style of cut your after will be able to hold or lose its shape. 

What to look for:

  • You’ve left your hair too long between cuts. 
  • Split ends leaving the hair limp
  • Hair is sticking out in any direction
  • Hair sits flat to the head
  • Your hair feels weighed down.

What to avoid:

  • No shape style or face-framing to you haircut
  • Too much or not enough hair cut off
  • Your hairdresser is using blunt scissors

How to fix:

  • Get a fresh haircut within the month of your wedding to create shape and form a polished style. 
  • Aim for a haircut that works well with the style you’re after. 
  • For haircuts, it’s best to seek out and choose your hairdresser wisely. If you’ve had a look at a lot of Adelaide Hairdressers and haven’t found the one right, contact us and we can help you.

3. Feeling The Heat

It’s interesting to know that very few people understand that your water needs to be a certain temperature when you’re washing your hair. In order to have tameable, happy hair, we’ve given steps to fix your water issues. 

What to look for in water temperature and how it affects your hair:

  • Having fly always in your hair
  • Static electricity, which can worsen when more heat is applied
  • Hair becomes oily/greasy quickly. When your water is too hot, it will begin to strip the natural oils of your hair.

What to avoid:

  • Water temperature over 30 degrees. 
  • Using a hot tool on a piece of hair over and over again. 
  • Avoid standing directly in front of heaters.

How to fix:

  • Have your water temperature at 23-28 degrees. Not too hot and not too cold!
  • If using hot tools remember to lower the temperature and go over your hair once or twice max. Although heat protection products are recommended, they can only do so much. Prevention is better than cure!

Now you know all about the hair mistakes to avoid, whether it’s the wrong use of a product, choosing the wrong haircut, or overusing heated tools.

There are always methods to fix these issues and to ensure your hair becomes strong, happy, and healthy.